9 Home Improvement Projects That Add Immediate Value to Your Property

As of January 2023, the average cost of a home in Pennsylvania is just over $270,000 at the time of this writing, which is a 9.3% increase from 2021.

This is below the national median of $428,700, but there are some upgrades you can make so your home’s worth even more. That way, when it comes time to sell, you’ll generate more interest and get top dollar.

But not all home improvement projects are created equal. Knowing which improvements give you the most bang for your buck, you’ll be able to make wiser financial decisions.

Read on for nine home improvement projects that’ll add immediate value to your property.

1. A Fresh Coat of Paint

Painting your house is one of the most effective home improvement projects you can do. There are spray paint options for easy DIY home improvement and high gloss paints available for those who want a more professional finish. No matter what type of paint you choose, your house will look brand new in no time without having to max out your credit cards. Not only that, it’s also something you can easily do yourself with no prior experience.

One of the best places to start is your front door. Whether people are driving by or visiting, your home’s front door is one of the initial things they notice. Brushing on a fresh coat of paint that matches the style of your home can make a significant difference. 

If you’re looking to paint multiple rooms in your house it can change the entire atmosphere. Make sure to reference how different colors impact the look and feel of each room. However, this can be a time-consuming job. So consider hiring a professional to take care of this for you to save time and effort.

2. Siding Upgrades

In a Twitter poll, 46.2% of people responded that a poor exterior is the biggest turn-off when they’re looking at buying homes. Improving the exterior of your property with new siding is one of the best ways to increase its value. 

First, new siding will make your home look more modern and attractive. This appeals to potential buyers and can even help your house stand out from the rest of the market. Additionally, it can be a great way to protect your home from outside elements like rain and wind by reducing drafts and moisture build-up. It also offers an extra layer of insulation that can help reduce energy costs. 

Not only is new siding an aesthetically pleasing way to enhance a home’s curb appeal, but it also provides added protection for many years to come. Investing in quality siding materials is an excellent way to raise the value of your home.

Man completing home improvement projects

3. Window Replacements and Treatment

Replacing old windows and adding window treatments can help increase the value of your property. New windows will make your home more energy efficient, which is a huge plus for potential buyers. By helping to cut down on drafts, you can save money on heating bills in the long run. 

Window treatments are also a great way to add some style and appeal to your home without spending a lot of money. Blinds, shades, or curtains can also be used to add insulation during cold months or block out light during hot months. Furthermore, window treatments will also help protect furniture from fading due to sun exposure. 

Lastly, proper window treatments add privacy and security from prying eyes. Investing in new windows and the right window treatments can be a great way to increase the value of your property that many people overlook.

4. An Updated Kitchen

One of the most important rooms buyers look at is the kitchen. Not only is it a space they’ll use daily to cook in, but it’s also where their family members and friends gather to spend quality time. With that being said, any kitchen remodel would absolutely add value to any home!

You don’t necessarily have to go all out with a major project though. Just a small one can give you a return on your investment (ROI). Some things to focus on include replacing the sink, updating kitchen cabinets, adding a backsplash, or replacing the countertops.

Another great option to consider that can dramatically increase the value of your property is changing your kitchen’s floor plan. This may be a bit more expensive but it can be worth the investment.  

Man finishing backsplash in kitchen

5. New Flooring & Crown Molding

Over the years, you might’ve worn out your flooring with regular foot traffic. Even if your flooring still looks new, it may be out of fashion.

Hardwood flooring has become the go-to option with the most demand. But if you’re on a budget, then laminate flooring or vinyl tiles are a more cost-effective option.

Try to steer clear of carpeting. It’s harder to take care of, and it’ll wear down quicker. This is especially true if you have pets. If you have a pet their fur and other debris will get stuck in the carpet making it nearly impossible to clean compared to hardwood floors. Typically this is why buyers usually prefer non-carpet choices anyway.

Something most individuals fail to consider when upgrading their floors is also taking a look at their ceilings. Crown molding helps add a unique and extra flare to your ceiling that sets it apart from other homes. Think of crown modeling as the cherry on top that can really take your home improvement project to the next level.  

6. A Minor Bathroom Remodel

A small bathroom renovation can transform the look, feel, and atmosphere in one of the most important rooms in the house. By restoring outdated features like a shower head, light fixtures, and tiles you can create a modern and inviting bathroom that will appeal to any future buyers. Additionally, replacing the tub or shower can help make the bathroom more eco-friendly.

Lastly, small updates such as adding built-in storage solutions or larger mirrors can make the space appear larger without drastically changing its layout at all. 

Minor bathroom renovations are cost-effective ways to help increase your property’s value while also making it more comfortable for you and your family in the meantime.

7. Smart Technology

There have been huge advancements in smart home technology over the past decade. By installing internet-connected devices and appliances, you can make day-to-day life easier. 

Smart thermostats can be used to regulate the temperature of your home on-demand from anywhere, while voice-activated speakers allow easy access to music and other media streaming services. Automated security systems can also give homeowners peace of mind when it comes to home safety, as well as provide added convenience when it comes to unlocking doors or opening gates. 

Overall, implementing new technology is a trend that is not slowing down anytime soon. It’s a great way to make your property more attractive to potential buyers looking for modern amenities and advanced features.

Man holding tablet with home automation data on screen

8. Add an Outdoor Living Space

Installing a patio or deck can turn a neglected yard into an inviting and functional extension of your home. Patios and decks are perfect for entertaining guests, summer barbecues, or simply relaxing under the stars. 

Furthermore, planting mature trees, shrubs and flowers can make your outdoor space look fuller and more alluring. Adding hardscaping features such as pathways, retaining walls, and fire pits can give the space greater functionality with minimal effort. All these improvements will make your property stand out from the competition when it comes time to sell and add considerable value. 

Upgrading your outdoor living spaces can make all the difference in improving your property’s overall attractiveness as well as its value.

9. Revamped or New Home Office

With more people transitioning to remote work, revamping or adding a home office can make your property significantly more attractive and valuable. A home office will give buyers an attractive feature to consider, as well as a functional space that they can utilize for their work needs. 

There are many design options that you can consider when adding a home office. Consider installing floor-to-ceiling shelves to help organize books and files, or replacing your desk with an ergonomic one that provides adequate support while working on the computer. Adding a comfortable chair and setting up multiple monitors will also make the space more functional and enjoyable to use.

If you are planning on selling, make sure your home office looks its best by painting the walls and updating any furniture that may be outdated. Additionally, adding soundproofing materials to the walls and ceiling will make your home office more useful to members of a growing family.

Consider These Home Improvement Projects

While home improvement projects may cost you some time and money, they’ll be worth it in the end. Your property will look newer and give it an edge in the market.

As a result, you’ll attract more buyers who will bid higher. You’ll be able to recoup a lot of the money spent on upgrades easily.

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